Achieving beautiful content isn’t easy.  First you need the vision.  Then you need the elements.  Then you need the right team.  After that you need the drive to make it all happen.  When you’re focused on a start-up or SME, running a busy agency or organising an event, this can be tough to pull off.

When you work with Gala Image, you get direct access to our amazing network of filmmakers, photographers, Photoshop editors, models, actors, make-up artists, hairstylists, composers, voice-over actors, designers, graphic designers, writers, motion designers, colourists and all the brilliant people that have dedicated their life to their passion for the image industry.

With Gala Image your vision moves from pre-concept to post-production painlessly.


As a start-up or SME owner your time is more than likely consumed perfecting your product or service.  But to turn your concept into cash, or to increase your market share you need to place as much emphasis on how your business looks and what you say about it as you do on the features of your offering.  This is hard when you have little time and maybe no experience in communication, branding or promotion.  At Gala Image we work with you on your vision, taking it from A to Z, including website design, logo, images, content and video so your start-up or business is positioned exactly where you want it to be.  That’s how to get the market traction you need.


Few agencies have their own dedicated team of creatives.  Maybe you have a trusted handful you call on time after time?  Maybe you need a better network of vetted professionals you can count on?  Either way, Gala Image is the perfect partner to take your strategy from pre-concept to post-production.  All you need to do is share your vision and let us do the rest.  Whether you need a photographer at short notice or an entire production team, you can count on us to deliver the right people so your job gets done on time, on budget and beyond expectation.  Animations, videos, photoshoots, content and voice-overs become a whole lot easier when you have Gala Image on side.


When you run a corporate promotion or advertising campaign you deserve the very best chance of capturing the attention of your audience.  No matter whether you’re making films or marketing collateral, to get things right you need a team of creatives.  Having your own team of writers, directors, actors, photographers on hand is rare.  That’s why letting Gala Image provide you with the team you need makes so much sense.  When you work with us, you get a global, one-stop service brimming with creativity and originality.  Draw on our international community, save a whole lot of time and money, yet still enjoy the personalised service you deserve and access to the very best people.


At Gala Image we work with some of the world’s finest creatives.  We’re a close community that delivers great audio visual experiences to global start-ups, SMEs, agencies and events organisers.  We provide an exceptional platform to showcase your skills to the world and then match you up with the clients who need your services.  At Gala Image it’s the creative synergy that counts.  Individually we are good.  Together we are great.  Bridging the gap between the needs of our clients and the skills of our creatives means that creating and selling beautiful content just got a whole lot easier – for everyone involved.  No matter what creative profession you’re from; if you’re great, there’s a place for you at Gala Image.


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