Swiss Basketball Cup

The client

Swiss Basketball is the Swiss Basketball Federation. It is responsible for the organization, direction and development of basketball in Switzerland. Concerned about promoting mass-market basketball, it promotes the elite of basketball and the training and youth who are the future of this sport. Swiss Basketball’s mission is to form a basketball community by developing all the axes of this sport, from the amateur side to the professional side.

Swiss Basketball is a member of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), Swiss Olympic and the Community of Interest for Team Sport (CISE).

Around 18’000 members be part in the federation. They are divided in nine regional associations in which 188 basketball clubs are members.

The project

Swiss Basketball called on Gala Image to take care of the communication around the 2019 SBL Cup held in Montreux on 26 and 27 January 2019. The SBL Cup is an annual tournament which gathers the top four team of the moment. The event also includes a 3X3 tournament, a Mini Basket tournament and the women’s SBL Cup final.

Our mission during the SBL Cup was to:

  • realize two teasers (one for each day of the event);

  • film the various events of the weekend and communicate them on the social platforms of the federation;

  • film the matches (the two men’s semifinals as well as the men’s and women’s finals) and make highlights at the end of each one;
  • communicate the results (by photos and / or videos) at half-time and end of games;
  • perform an aftermovie of the whole weekend

With this project, we were able to focus on different areas. In agreement with Swiss Basketball, we have sometimes insisted on the sporting aspect (the highlights of Saturday in particular), sometimes on the emotional side (Sunday highlights, teasers). The aftermovie allowed us to juggle these two fundamental notions for Swiss Basketball and basketball in general.