Procsea – From the sea to your plate

The client

Produced mainly from fishing, seafood products undergo daily variations in terms of catch, quality and price. This lack of visibility complicates sales for wholesalers and makes the buying process time-consuming and tedious for buyers of fish, shellfish and crustaceans.

By connecting supply and demand in real time within the same digital platform, Procsea facilitates the short circuit and optimizes the day-to-day business:

  • Simplicity: simple and intuitive, Procsea allows to order seafood in just a few clicks;
  • Diversity: accessing hundreds of products available through a multitude of producers and wholesalers live from European ports;
  • Price: Thanks to a short circuit, Procsea minimizes intermediaries. In this way, the customer enjoys the best price with optimal freshness;
  • Traceability: for more transparency, size, fishing area and sub-area, port of landing, fishing gear, quality and quantity available are indicated for each product offered online.

The project

Procsea called on Gala Image to produce the advertising video highlighting its service. We have, in agreement with Procsea, focused on a storytelling a little off the mark with the story of a chef who can not satisfy his customer who sould like fish. The chef then has the idea to call on Procsea and then begins the story of the fish going through all the steps to finish on the customer’s plate.

To make this video that was shot in French and English, Gala Image staged three actors, Donika from Zurich, Arnaud from Neuchâtel and Jérôme from Paris.

To highlight these actors, Gala Image has produced two small video presentations of each of them: We posted this video on Valentine’s Day, which is why the cover photo is a nod to this special day.