The postproduction depends of the size of the project, in general it needs around 3 working weeks to be completed before receiving the link, the USB key or the DVD with your pictures, video or graphic design. If you need a shorter time for the delivery, please specify it in the proposal request.

Yes, 50% of the total amount have to payed when the deal is closed. It allows to ensure the engagement of both parties. Without a down payment, we won’t be able to insure the reservation of the artist which may result to a last minute cancelation.

You can pay by cash or by bank transfert.

The travel expense depends of the type of projects, it is generally charged 0.70cts per Km.


In order to become a Gala Image’s partner, you should send us a complete portfolio of your work (pictures, videos, graphic designs etc.) at this email:

If your portfolio is accepted, we’ll reach you in order to meet you.

The principal benefit is to expand your customer base, plus, you have access to an international network of image professionals.

Being the producer, the artist has all the rights in terms of reproduction and usage of the images. The event organisers have all the rights in terms of reproduction and usage of the images as specified in the mandate contract. For website commercial usage, contest participation, image sale etc… you need to specify it in the proposal request in order to adapt the rates.


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