3T by Steph

1. The Client

Founded by Stéphane Goubin, 3T by Steph is an exclusive concept with several facets. The restaurant wants to offer the clients a unique cooking experience.

Caterer with the live cooking concept in every places, take-away or table d’hôte, 3T by Steph includes many services.

Stéphane’s cooking is a soft combination of the Italian, French, Asian and American traditions. This “savoir-faire” is produced in Stéphane’s restaurant, in live cooking or it’s delivered to your home.

2. The Project

The video had to highlight 3T by Steph concept but also Stéphane’s personality and savoir-faire.

We have decided to build a exclusive project with a quirky tone created with a rock’n’roll musical theme which underlines all the qualities of 3T by Steph product.

With the brand Bad Smell Stock, the bloguer Céline Morel, the Mister Suisse Francophone 2016 Betim Morina and the actor Idir Heff, the video gathered different influential talents from every part of the Leman region.

3. The Team

4. The Result

Production - Jonathan


Model - Celine


Model - Betim


Drone - Maxime

Composer - Bad Smell Stock