3T by Steph

3T by Steph

Recently, we got the opportunity to do a video shoot for 3T by Steph, the crème de la crème in the cooking and catering domain in Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland. 3T by Steph is the brainchild of Chef Stéphane Goubin dit Steph, who rose to fame by tantalizing people’s whim to travel, cook and have a gala time.

Creating a video that showcases the talent of this famous chef was nothing less than a challenge, given the highly subjective nature of the cooking and catering realm. Not everything people eat suits their palate.

The video had to highlight the chef’s specialty in a way that leaves behind an impression on the viewer’s mind. Achieving this was only possible when the elite and upmarket essence of 3T by Steph oozes out in the video.

Presenting the master chef (he truly deserves to be in the shows someday)

Stéphane Goubin dit Steph founded 3T by Steph out of his desire to make people travel and lift their spirits. Besides being the concocter of this fantastic concept, Stéphane Goubin dit Steph is also the creator of Be-Well and the front-runner of Kai Zen which translates to “improvement” in Japanese. His style of cooking and catering comes with a touch of royalty, just enough for the affluent diners to go gaga over him. In short, he’s a celebrity today.

Stéphane Goubin dit Steph hails from La Rochelle, France, and takes pride in the story behind how he founded 3T. He always had a strong passion for cooking, experimenting with different ingredients to come up with something delectable. He also had a curiosity bug inside which made him crave for more knowledge.

Travel has always been an opportunity for Stéphane to reconnect with his passion and core feelings. He lives in the Lausanne countryside but doesn’t hesitate driving twenty kilometers every day to the city, where he works. The long drive gives him the mental space to collect all his ideas in the morning and unwind in the evening.

Stéphane Goubin worked as the executive chef at Gstaad at Chlösterli, a component of Alain Ducasse’s group, for four years. He quit his job to pick up different professions, such as carpentry and horticulture, distancing himself from cooking entirely. It wasn’t long after this when he got an invitation from someone he knew from Gstaad to work at his newly-opened restaurant in Lausanne.

After reviewing the concept and working with him for a year, he laid the foundation of the Kai-Zen. Stéphane spent a total of six years here. He then falls into a phase when his projects came plummeting down. One day, when he was in a bar at Verbier his friends there told him that he should start something new. This was when 3T came into being.

What exactly is the concept of 3T by Steph?

The 3T by Steph is an experiential concept. It seeks to provide a wholesome experience to people with its unique style of catering, takeaway & table d’hôtes. Since its inception, 3T by Steph has created a niche for itself in the cooking and catering domain by changing the way people enjoy social gatherings. It opens up a realm where people can enjoy live cooking anytime, anywhere.

The vision that drove Stéphane to start 3T was unusual in an era when people took time to embrace new concepts.  Stéphane was looking around for a place for his restaurant, only to realize that all his efforts were futile. He thought of buying a truck and driving it to unusual places in Switzerland. It wasn’t long when this vision materialized, and he pioneered the concept of “live cooking,” a service that 3T offers with utmost sophistication in the country.

3T by Steph has brought about a noteworthy revolution in the catering sector. Stéphane runs a mobile kitchen, an innovative setup that lets him show his “live cooking” mastery at different locations. His catering comes as a gust of fresh air as the traditional practice of cooking somewhere else and bringing the food to the place is losing charm. People like being a part of an alive atmosphere with lively companions. 3T by Steph lets them have exactly this.

live cooking switzerlandStéphane exudes creativity and versatility in his cooking. His cooking and catering prowess includes a fantastic blend of Italian, French, Asian, and American cuisines that no gastronome can resist. If in case, people wish to relish the good-old restaurant-style sitting experience, 3T by Steph beckons them to a beautiful setting that can comfortably accommodate ten to twenty people.

When it comes to the location of Stéphane’s services, there are no boundaries. Whether it’s atop the ski slopes of Glacier 3000 or an island with no resources, Stéphane can cook the best wherever he is. It’s a skill that not everyone can master.

traiteur lausanneStéphane finally found a place that suited him. It’s a 360 square meter space amidst an industrial setting in Budron area of Lausanne. Now he aims to centralize all his activities without hampering the operation of 3T. He intends to inaugurate this place in June and hold regular cooking events and workshops. It’s going to be a place where chefs and friends come together for having an enjoyable time.

The simple approach that helped us crack this project

Originality is what defines an artist, and we sought to come up with a video concept that brought out Stéphane’s uniqueness. It was challenging because the creative thinking that goes into it had to be at par with the chef’s excellence.

We thought why not reach the audience’s heart through their ears? It sounded weird, but then we realized most advertisements become memorable because of their visuals, tagline, message or music.

This rang a bell in us, and we decided to compose a customized song that audiences would associate with the chef and his mastery. Thanks to the Bad Smell Stock (BSS) who stepped forward and lent their electrifying rock music to the video. Here’s a snippet of it:

Bad Smell Stock comprised of five distinct personalities forming five universes that came up with a one-of-a-kind sound. The stirring music and a well-maintained rhythm accompany two voices that create magic. The incestuous blend between lively pop and melodic electro with pulses of rock and disco from the sixties and seventies entrenched Bad Smell Rock in the mind of every listener. The result: there’s burning energy on the stage.

bad smell stock composerScenario Scripting and Casting: The Challenge Continues

After we finalized the music, we had to overcome the next challenge: scripting the video. The real impact of videos is felt when they are based on a sharp script. Hence we focused our energies on crafting a script that communicated 3T by Steph’s story and essence.

This could be best done when the video had a known face as the lead role. Who could it better than someone who has a slew of fans following them on social media? We decided to get Celine Morel on board to play the first role in the video. Wondering why we chose her?

CelineCeline Morel is a famous fashion blogger who has 560K followers and appears on pages of famous fashion magazines in the Swiss area. Founder of MORELCELINE.com, she partners with world’s most exceptional people to promote fashion and style. She has groomed Avakian as a model and endorsed premium jewelry brands. The celebrity comes from the beau monde and undeniably wallows in luxury, something that connected perfectly with 3T’s essence.

Celine Morel‘s presence in the video gave it a massive boost. The celebrity managed to grab eyeballs as she embodied the luxurious and elite nature of 3T amazingly. She became the brand’s influencer, somebody who could showcase the brand in a positive light and subliminally influence aspiring fans to try the service out.

We continued brainstorming ideas that we could incorporate in the video. We needed someone who could perform the second role and be paired with Celina. Here comes Betim Morina, who became Mr. Suisse Francophone 2016. He has over four thousand followers in the Lausanne area alone. We even took Idir Heff, who has carved a prominent niche for himself in acting, to play a role in the video. The presence of these celebrities resulted in soaring viewership of the video in the Swiss area, giving 3T the recognition it needed in the digital space.

The production geniuses

The quality of video production depends hugely on the skills of the producer. For 3T’s video, we couldn’t afford to compromise the quality of it. We needed a multimedia company that could shoot the video with the latest and best equipment to uphold its quality. Who could be better than Jonathan from Carter Films to do this job?

Carter Films is an audiovisual production company that is headquartered in Monteux, Switzerland. The agency has been doing a commendable job in the field of web, multimedia, and audiovisual development since its inception in 2010. It’s the passion and experience of Carter Films that make them a preferred choice of so many brands. Thus, earning the company thousands of social media fans.

We know Jonathan’s photography and videography prowess will prove the best for us. He has—the 6K Red Dragon which gives picture-perfect images and impeccable quality videos. shoot-red-dragon

This camera allows you to take images with nine times higher resolution than standard high-definition images. The image density and latitude of this camera is designed to be impressive and innovative, which places this beast of cameras at the helm of growth for digital camera technology.

Then comes the next genius, Maxime Guarnero, whose adroitness in drone piloting gave the video the perfection we see. Maxime Guarnero has the know-how of drones and aerial shots that can create an impact on the viewers. He founded Sky Vision, becoming the pilot of the company that thrives on its passion for drone photography and videography.

drone-switzerlandMaxime Guarnero was young when he realized his hidden interest in remotely controlled helicopters and aircraft. Today, he has a degree from Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne and holds the license for piloting drone audiovisual (ESD). This is the reason why Maxime Guarnero is the favorite name of leading brands like Redbull and Woodkid for their video shoots.

The video for 3T by Steph turned out better than what we expected. It resonated with Stéphane and showcased his service with the sophistication and classiness that it deserves. We were happy to get the “wows” for our work because it gives us the satisfaction of having gone a step further by executing a challenging project.

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Production - Jonathan


Model - Celine


Model - Betim


Drone - Maxime

Composer - Bad Smell Stock